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Discover Our Story
A Journey Through Who We Are

We have been dealing with mangoes since 2000.My father was an agricultural officer, take his hand to love agriculture and come to mango farming. Sending mangoes to the Prime Minister’s office. Mangoes have been gifted by the Prime Minister to heads of state of different countries from our mango orchard is our greatest success. We are proud to be a registered mango grower of the exportable mango production scheme. We are working on a large scale every year with 100+ Acres orchards of my own and leased and partner. 6000 to 6500 mon(1 Mon= 40 kg) of mangoes are produced every year. We have about 70+ online sellers and about 50+ offline sellers are working with our mangoes. Going ahead with bigger plans for mangoes. Exporting mango in abroad will help the country’s economic development. If we work on Amsatta(Mango Bar), processing food, we can reduce unemployment.
Our obsession is wanting to reach the highest heights by working with mango. We want to get government recognition and cooperation as a successful Mango Grower or Businessmen. Over crores of Taka are traded around this mango every year. Alhamdulillah, I have provided employment for about 120-140 people with this mango and mango orchard. We also supply all kinds of mango pesticides and fungicides which are tested in our own orchards. We also have all kinds of pesticide related companies.


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We're providing high
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Treat yourself to the irresistible sweetness of our finest mangoes, carefully handpicked and delivered fresh to your table. Each juicy bite bursts with flavor, promising a delightful taste sensation that elevates any meal or snack. Experience the essence of tropical indulgence with every bite of our premium mangoes.

  • Ideal microclimate and fertile soil

    Ideal microclimate and fertile soil in Chapai Nawabganj enhance mango flavor.

  • Traditional Growing Methods

    Traditional Growing methods and sustainable farming practices maintain superior quality.